Two Villages Start A School

The Enn and Lahu village elders decided: our children need a school. To realize the school and improve their childrens’ chances for the future one Enn and one Lahu village joined forces. It was initiated by a very caring and considerate Enn Christian priest from nearby Nan Lin Mai village who is very active in promoting education in the villages of the area. He was also the one to invite us to follow him to today’s meeting:

The village elders of both villages agreed on the plan and the location: The school will be build at the lower part of Pan Lay village. We followed men and children to visit the site, expecting further discussions. But with quiet determination they started preparing the ground for the construction of the building.

Men of all ages worked together. The children stood quietly watching how the fundament for their future is laid by their fathers, uncles and brothers.

It was a very touching moment!

As of July this year, the school started! We are happy that the villagers took so much initiative and found a teacher so quickly!

The next steps here will be:

  • Explanations in different languages about the village and school – this is a village that is highly frequented by tourists. As for Ba Kah we want to install an alternative option for those who want to give to the community directly. The children already know that visitors bring presents – for the future we want to prevent that they leave the school lesson for that reason and offer an easy way of effective giving. We also inform the local tour guides of this option.
  • Providing the basic writing materials for the children as long as the families cannot support them themselves.
  • The ladies of this village will also be participants in the creativity workshops for weaving and other handicrafts as well as selling strategies in the future.

In contrast to the Lahu Shi village the women here have an additional income when selling their shawls to visitors during the season. But as you can see in Project 3 – Shawls for Myanmar, it is an unstable income and to date is not enough to buy writing materials or pay the teacher’s salary. But is is a promising fundament on which we plan to assist the community of building upon.

This project will (hopefully) be financed by additional income from trading the shawls to Mandalay and Yangon as described in Project 3, as well as receiving donations on the spot in the provided donation box.