Shortly after Myanmar’s government changed in 2015, Mijum and her family returned from Thailand, moving back to her husband’s native village. After a while, Mijum realized that many girls from the village did not have the chance to attend secondary school – just because there isn’t one anywhere nearby.

Mijum came up with a solution to this problem: She herself moved from the village to Kengtung herself and took in girls from surrounding villages, providing them with accomodation and food. She helps with the registration as much as she can. For herself it is not easy as well – as she has lived most of her life in an Akha village in Thailand (speaking Akha and Thai) she does not speak Myanmar fluently. Nonetheless, nothing can stop her supporting the girls and giving them a unique chance to continue their education in a familiar and safe environment.


In the beginning we supported Mijum’s boarding home with some basic furniture to set up the house. This year we are working on finding a way how she can sustain their livelihoods – so far she has to rely on donations and often does not know how to manage in the upcoming month. This needs to change so she can use all her energy to support the girls instead of worrying.

That’s why we have started a handicrafts project together – you will get to see the first products soon!