With our honey project we are supporting small scale honey farmers in trade, packaging and distribution of their product. Following the blooming period of flowers, the farmers move with their beehives throughout the country. The result is a variety of very specific flavours that carry the character of the particular flowers within it.

Working in the remote areas of the country, our honey farmers have had little chance to share their special honeys with us. Lychee and Jujuba flower honeys are really hard to get by and we are excited to offer you these rarities. For our farmers, demand and positive feedback encourage them to keep up their difficult work, moving through the country following the flow of the seasons.

Honig Trio

Our honey is not only beneficial to enrich your daily meals and support our farmers’ families – it also has well-known positive effects on health and environment. Honey as a product is anti-septic, contains mineral nutrients, enzymes and vitamines. It is often used to cure a sore throat or applied externally to skin burn, making it a health-allrounder. And Honeybees are an important part of natural pollination, which is necessary for many plants in order to produce fruit after they have blossomed. Worldwide, the number of bees is decreasing, but with their important role for our eco-system, bee-keeping is one way to hold up this natural pollination process and secure a good harvest of fruit for all farmers.

Our newest product has been developed as a spin-off from our honey-production: The HapBee Wrap. Using the bees wax to coat a 100% cotton fabric we created a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic foil. You can use our HapBee Wraps to cover bowls with fruit for storage in the fridge and even as an alternative to a plastic bag transporting your sandwich – and at the same time do something good for the environment by reducing single-use plastic!

hapbee wrap

Some tips for usage and maintenance:

Use it to cover leftover food in a bowl by molding it around the bowl with the warmth of your hands.
Use it to wrap your (whole or cut) vegetables, fruits, flowers, sandwiches, cheese, or snacks on the go!
Do not use to wrap raw meat/poultry/seafood to avoid cross-contamination.
It is washable and reusable. Wash it in cold water with mild detergent/soap and a soft sponge. Air-dry.
Do not scrub hard, wash in hot water or use in microwave/oven.

Hapbee wrapping!  🙂


hapbee 2


Currently, you can buy our honey at Wai Wai’s Place in Sanchaung, Yangon. You can also send us a message here our via our Facebook page. Our HapBee Wraps are available at Hla Day and Pomelo.

And of course you can get them at the weekly Farmer’s Market – Every Saturday from 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM at the Rowing Club.

If you would like to sell or use our honey at your shop/restaurant/café let us know – we are always happy about new connections!

Honig Trio 2